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Janice Yuwiler Interview  Cont.

February 2010

Cynthia: Do you have a favorite quote regarding writing that helps keep you inspired/motivated?

Janice: Not so much a quote as the internal desire to share a story. I really, really like to tell stories – true or make believe I don’t care – as long as I get to tell it.

Cynthia: What one piece of advice would you share with writers not yet published?

Janice: Join a critique group. Feedback from other children’s writers (or illustrators if you’re an illustrator) will help push your work to the next level – and best of all, it’s free!

Janice M. Yuwiler has her masters degree in public health and loves to bring the latest breakthroughs in science and medicine to the hands of young people. Her books include Family Violence and Great Medical Discoveries: Insulin. Her articles can be found in Highlights for Children and Spider magazine. Janice has lived in Israel and Belgium and speaks English, French, Spanish and very bad Hebrew. She's a native Californian and currently lives in San Diego with her husband, three children, several hamsters, a mouse, and more fish than anyone can count. Check out her website at www.janiceyuwiler.com for more information about school visits and her current projects.

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